Fourth Song For Dimash Kudaibergen

___________________Fourth Song For Dimash Kudaibergen________________

(Written friday 20th of december 2019-------Published 12-2-2019)

Normally I don't have sleeping problems…….I fall down on my bed……..and I sleep.

But sometimes I suddenly wake up…..without no reason….and get the most peculiar ideas.

So now I'm struggling again with a new issue.

A song issue…….”The Fourth Song For Dimash Kudaibergen”.

I'm not a music-expert.! (like I'm not really a writer)...but I know for sure when something is lovely and nice……..(like my father). For many years deep in my brain the song “The Devil Went To Georgia” is haunting in my head.

link - The Devil Went To Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band) -

This song is perfect for Dimash….!

The devil's voice will be Dimashes dark deep baritone voice. The boy's voice is not a problem for Dimash neither. Dimash can use all his 6 octaves in this version of the song. (And you'll be surprised about the result.!)

Lyrics - The devil went to Georgia lyrics (original)-

But when I'm dreaming…..I'm not dreaming normally like other human beings. So this interpretation of the song needs a little change. The violin will only heard on the background as support to……. The Dombra.

The leading instrument in this new song will be unmistakably the Dombra.

link - Dimash Kudaibergen - Adai + Daidau, Bastau 2017

The story of the song…..

The devil wants to give Dimash a golden Dombra in exchange for his heart.

Dimash wherever…….is not interested in gold. He only dreams about a better world without war.

I think that the golden fiddle can be seen symbolically as the golden records from the music industry…….

But the boy in the song is not interested in a golden fiddle. He just wants to play the fiddle.

Like Dimash Kudaibergen is not interested in a golden fiddle…or a golden Dombra…..or fame.

He just wants to sing. And when he has done his trick….(showing the world how nice Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan people are)......he goes modestley back to his cosy house and family in Kazakhstan.

To be continued…..

To be continued…..

To be continued……

To be continued…...

link with Johnny Cash….”Devil Comes Back to Georgia” feat. Mark O'Connor with Daniels, Cash, Tritt and Marty Stuart -

To be continued…..

To be continued……


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