Third Song For Dimash Kudaibergen

______________________Third Song For Dimsah Kudaibergen______________________

An open letter to Dimash Kudaibergen:

“Hi Dimash Kudaibergen…...It's me again…...How are you doing.?

I have a new idea for a song for you.!

Last year on 21th of november I published an article: “Open letter for Clean Bandit and Imagine Dragons” with the message that Clean Bandit….and Imagine Dragons together are the perfects bands to release a new song.

Then I had a new idea for a song with the music of the Bolero.

link - Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev -

Or like in the woefully shortened dutch version:

link - Boléro (Ravel) - André Rieu -

With the rough voice of the lead singer of Imagine Dragons……..

link - Imagine Dragons - Natural --

…….and the instrumental accompaniment of Clean Bandit.

But since I'm aware of your music…..Dimash….. it's much better when you interpret the “New Bolero”.


Well……..I'm going to explain it to you…..

It will take some time…..but there we go. The original Boléro is from the beginning to the end working to a sort of climax……..a sort of orgasm, as it is suggested in the movie 10.

In this film the music is told to have a passionate ritme.

link - 10 - Bolero -

But in my version the passion changes into uncontrolled emotions… in a domestic dispute.

In a conventional marriage you have 2 parties…….the man….and the woman.

During a strife both parties argue for their being right.

So we need 2 voices.

Perfect for your baritone voice…...and in the same time your soprano voice

You step aside to change your role from a man……….to a female role

The best to way to compose this new Bolero is to do this in a duet with a lovely singer like Lara Fabian.

To be continued……


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