Don't Call Me Angel

_________________________Don't Call Me Angel__________________________________

It's funny that I've been writing open letters to Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Dana Del Rey for the Tattoo-project : “The Vrouwengek Tattoo for Donor Organs”..IN ENGLISH..while I see now that these 3 mega pop artists released together the new hit: “Don't call me Angel”

link - Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don't Call Me Angel (Charlie's Angels) -

The 3 published articles……….

________Open Letter to Ariana Grande_____________

Hello Ariana Grande, I have heard that you have a new bad tattoo on your body: I have warned you in my article “Vrouwengek-Tattoos voor Organendonatie” in . But don't worry …...even an ugly tattoo you can donate to the foundation “Vrouwengek-Tattoos voor Organendonatie”. It would be an honour for me when I can add your bad donation-tattoo to the list of famous tattoos.

Thank you so much……..Martin.

By the way: I have already written about you in the Blogger .

link - Stevie Wonder - Faith ft. Ariana Grande -

Wordt vervolgd…….

Gepubliceerd 31-1-2019

_________________________________Miley Cyrus_______________________________

An open letter for Miley Cyrus:

“Hi Miley, I have seen on the internet that you have a lot of tattoos…….I have a request: Would you like to read the article “De Vrouwengek-Tattoo voor Organendonatie” in , please. It would be great when you consider to donate a tattoo yours for the foundation “De Vrouwengek-Tattoo voor Organendonatie”. In this way you could help a lot of patients to a organ. And it will cost you nothing.!

Thanks, Martin……”

And don't forget: Nothing breaks like a heart………!

link - Mark Ronson - Nothing breaks like a heart (official video) ft. Miley Cyrus -

Wordt vervolgd………

Gepubliceerd 24-1-2019

To be continued……

____________________________Lana Del Rey___________________________

An open letter to Lana Del Rey:

“Hello Lana Del Rey…….I've seen on the internet that you have a lot of tattoos.

I'm working on a Tattoo-project that is called “The Vrouwengek-Tattoo for Donor Organs”......IN ENGLISH……. could you …...please… the article in the Blogger: ……?

Everyday still people die in hospitals while waiting for a donor organ.

But the problem is that there are not enough donor organs. With the new future foundation we can solve this lack of donor organs in one blow…..

Thank you so much for your precious time….I hope to speak you soon…...Martin Cuijpers.”

link - Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Official Music Video) -

To be continued…….I hope.

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Altogether coincidence….?


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