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An open letter to Selena Gomez:

“Hi, Selena Gomez…….I have a question about the tattoo in your neck. The tattoo is a tribute to your mother no….? Well you can do a special thing with your tattoo. You have the opportunity to donate the tattoo to the foundation “Vrouwengek-Tattoos voor Organendonatie”. You can read about this project in my Blogger :

I know for sure that your mother will appreciate this gesture………

And you help a lot of children who are waiting for a donor organ.

Thank you so much for your precious time……...Martin.”

link - DJ Snake - Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B -

To be continued…….


  1. The new name of the Vrouwengek Tattoo project is "The Vrouwengek-Tattoo for Donor Organs".. IN ENGLISH..


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