Ricky Martin

An open lettter to Ricky Martin:

“Hello Ricky Martin …….I have a request for you and your partner: Please, would you like

read my article “De Vrouwengek-Tattoo voor organendonatie” in the Blogger :


Recently you have the opportunity to donate your tattoos to the foundation.

Since you are parents it would be a real gift for your children……..

It will cost you nothing and you help a lot other ill kids that are waiting for a donor organ.

Thank you so much for your precious time…….Martin.”

link - Ricky Martin - Livin"La Vida Loca - Official Music Video - https://youtu.be/p47fEXGabaY

To be continued….


  1. Hello Ricky, ... I have seen the posters with your photo in the Costa del Sol telling that you're coming to Marbella this summer............?


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