_________Open letter for Ariana Grande_____________

Hello Ariana Grande, I have heard that you have a new bad tattoo on your body: I have warned you in my article “Vrouwengek-Tattoos voor Organendonatie” in www.vrouwengek.com . But don't worry …...even an ugly tattoo you can donate to the foundation “Vrouwengek-Tattoos voor Organendonatie”. It would be an honour for me when I can add your bad donation-tattoo to the list of famous tattoos.

Thank you so much……..Martin.

By the way: I have already written about you in the Blogger www.vrouwengek.com .

link - Stevie Wonder - Faith ft. Ariana Grande - https://youtu.be/hNMMN46uFCc

Wordt vervolgd…….


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